Customized AR15 Broomfield


Colorado Custom Firearms is your one-stop shop for a customized AR15 near Broomfield, CO. One of the many benefits of building your own customized AR15 is the satisfaction you get from building one. Your customized AR15 will be a great conversation piece amongst you and your friends in Broomfield. Your customized AR15 can become a great addition to your firearms hobby.

Some of the parts you can get at our shop near Broomfield for your customized AR15 include:

  • Buttstock for shoulder
  • Handguards for grip
  • Sights and optics
  • Accessories for AR15

You may be able to find an AR15 that fits you well enough to shoot comfortably, but getting a customized AR15 near Broomfield can make all the difference in your comfort and in your shooting. When you get a customized AR15, you get to know your rifle really well. You will have a better understanding of the inner workings of your customized AR15 from building it versus buying a complete one.

Call Colorado Custom Firearms near Broomfield today if you want to get started on a customized AR15.

(720) 780-9171

Custom 9mm Pistol Broomfield


Is a custom 9mm pistol on your wishlist in Broomfield? If so, then we have the selection near Broomfield to help get you started with your very own custom 9mm pistol.

We can customize the following on your custom 9mm pistol in Broomfield :

  • Complete Pistol
  • Revolver frame only
  • Top side only
  • Frame only
  • Pistol grip

We believe that no two guns are alike, and that includes your custom 9mm pistol. We view each gun given to us as a work of art.

Call Colorado Custom Firearms if you are in Broomfield and want the custom 9mm pistol of your dreams.

(720) 780-9171

Custom 10mm AR Broomfield


There is not much question that the AR is the most popular rifle in America today. If you are wanting a custom 10mm AR for your firearm collection in Broomfield, consider stopping by at Colorado Custom Firearms today. A custom 10mm AR is considered as a heavy hitter when it comes to personal defense. Many in Broomfield come to us for getting their custom 10mm AR because they like to have options when it comes to the customization.

For those in Broomfield, we can customize the following parts on your custom 10mm AR:

  • AR Upper/Lower Combo
  • Grip
  • Buffer Tube
  • Charging Handle
  • Barrel Only
  • Rails

Those in Broomfield who want a custom 10mm AR of their own, can call Colorado Custom Firearms today for further details.

(720) 780-9171

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