Edgewater Custom Rifles


Looking for a reliable gunsmith for building your custom rifles in Edgewater, CO? The get in touch with Colorado Custom Firearms if you want Edgewater custom rifles at the best prices. You can count on our experienced gunsmiths as we have been in the Edgewater custom rifles build business for years, and we stand out in our knowledge of customizing both pistols and rifles.

We use the advanced and latest technology for assembling Edgewater custom rifles according to your specifications. We offer you a free hand when you need Edgewater custom rifles, such as choosing the color, pattern or accessories.

We offer various options to help build your Edgewater custom rifles. These include:

  • Rifle caliber
  • Trigger pull weight
  • Rifle barrel type
  • Rifle engravings

Call Colorado Custom Firearms for Edgewater custom rifles.

(720) 780-9171

Edgewater Custom Rifle Build


We provide our customers a unique-looking Edgewater custom rifle build. The parts of your Edgewater custom rifle build can be dipped to customize the individual parts using a procedure called the water transfer process. You can choose from a range of dip patterns for your firearm, such as one in wood grain, metal, camouflage, carbon fiber or stone patterns for your Edgewater custom rifle build.

We offer you the ability to change barrels by yourself without the need for gauges, the ability to convert calibers with a bolt face change and barrel change, and much more. Get in touch with the top experts for all your firearms needs.

Some of the firearms that are as good as an Edgewater custom rifle build include:

  • Custom 9mm AR
  • Custom 10mm AR
  • Custom AR15
  • Custom 9mm pistol

Call Colorado Custom Firearms for Edgewater custom rifle build.

(720) 780-9171

Edgewater Customized Rifles


When you need Edgewater customized rifles that match your personality, give us a call. We are the most reliable and experienced professionals with the talent, resources and skills for building you Edgewater customized rifles per your specifications. Our experts have in-depth knowledge, backed up with years of experience in building Edgewater customized rifles that are not only aesthetically appealing, but a top-quality machine.

You can look into Cerakote coating for your Edgewater customized rifles. It can improve the wear and tear over time and looks great as well. Get in touch with us for more tips or information about anything involving guns.

We can help you with any part that you may need for your rifle, including:

  • Stock
  • Barrel
  • Receiver
  • Trigger guard

Call Colorado Custom Firearms for Edgewater customized rifles.

(720) 780-9171

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