Edgewater Custom Built AR15


If you are looking for a company that provides custom built AR15 services in Edgewater, CO, you are in the right place. Many people that like to carry firearms, especially the AR15s, look for customized AR15s as they can be without a barrel and short stock.

Get in touch with Colorado Custom Firearms to provide the best quality Edgewater custom built AR15. As an established firearm manufacturing company, we have been providing custom AR15 builds for a while now. Call us for your requirement of Edgewater custom built AR15, which includes:

  • Custom 9mm AR
  • 9mm AR15 pistols
  • Custom 10mm AR
  • Customized AR15

You can let us know about any particular specifications you want for your Edgewater custom built AR15, and we will incorporate them in the design.

Call Colorado Custom Firearms for an Edgewater custom built AR15!

(720) 780-9171

Edgewater Custom AR15 Builds


Instead of trying Edgewater custom AR15 builds as a do-it-yourself project, it is better to take the help of professionals like us. We have the equipment and expertise required to build any custom firearm conforming to federal standards.

Rely on us for your requirement of Edgewater custom AR15 builds as we have made them for many clients that like their firearms customized. We use the best quality materials and spares when customizing firearms. Call us for Edgewater custom AR15 builds when you want the following parts of the firearm customized:

  • Grip
  • Buffer tube
  • Upper/ lower combo
  • Buttstock

We can provide you other options for Edgewater custom AR15 builds. You can choose any of them at your convenience, preference and budget.

Call Colorado Custom Firearms for Edgewater custom AR15 builds!

(720) 780-9171

Edgewater Customized AR15s


The popularity of Edgewater customized AR15s has been steadily increasing. People like to have firearms that go with their personality and style, which is why they get a custom built AR15.

Count on us for your requirement of Edgewater customized AR15s as we specialize in customizing firearms. We customize rifles and pistols of different makes and models, adhering to the federal norms. Call us for Edgewater customized AR15s, with customization for the following:

  • Rails for AR pistol
  • Barrel length
  • Caliber for custom AR pistol
  • Handguards

We can provide you an estimate of the different Edgewater customized AR15s after knowing your specifications and requirements. We work with each client to provide them the exact customized AR15 that they are looking for.

Call Colorado Custom Firearms for one-of-a-kind Edgewater customized AR15s!

(720) 780-9171

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