Broomfield Custom Assault Rifle


If you are looking for a reputable company that caters to the requirement of a custom assault rifle in Broomfield, CO, consider yourself in the right place. Customized firearms add to your personality and give you better protection as you know what specifications your firearm has.

Get in touch with Colorado Custom Firearms when looking to buy the best Broomfield custom assault rifle. As an established firearms manufacturer, we have been providing customized assault rifles to our clients for a while now. Call us for your requirement of a Broomfield custom assault rifle with the following customizations:

  • Upper receiver
  • Buttstock for shoulder
  • Handguards for grip
  • Sights and optics

We assure you of building the Broomfield custom assault rifle entirely as per your specifications so that you have the best rifle around. You can use the rifle for protection, hunting or pursuing your hobby, as the case may be.

Call Colorado Custom Firearms for a Broomfield custom assault rifle!

(720) 780-9171

Broomfield Customized Assault Rifles


You must seek the help of a professional firearm company for building Broomfield customized assault rifles. Customized firearms can have your color and feature preferences.

Rely on us for building Broomfield customized assault rifles. We have the resources and ideas to provide several customizations. You will be more than content with the results as we produce some of the best firearms. Call us when you require Broomfield customized assault rifles with the following:

  • Custom grip
  • Custom frame
  • Custom topside
  • Custom skin

You can let us know of your desire for the Broomfield customized assault rifles or take our ideas to get the best rifle. We will put in all efforts to give you a firearm that is more than what you expected.

Call Colorado Custom Firearms for Broomfield customized assault rifles!

(720) 780-9171

Broomfield Custom Built AR


When looking for the best Broomfield custom built AR, you need the help of professionals like us. We have the equipment, materials and knowledge of the latest techniques to build firearms as per your requirement.

Count on us for your requirements of a Broomfield custom built AR as we have catered to several clients before. Call us when you require any of the following Broomfield custom built AR search queries:

  • Customized AR15
  • Custom 10mm AR
  • Custom AR
  • Custom built AR 15

We can provide you with the cost estimate of the Broomfield custom built AR as per your specifications. You can add or remove certain features to fit the cost within your budget. We assure you of the best quality rifles built to last, protect and have good resale value.

Call Colorado Custom Firearms for a Broomfield custom built AR!

(720) 780-9171

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