Englewood Customized AR15


All the firearm enthusiasts who want to own a customized AR15 in Englewood, CO need to know just one name, and that is Colorado Custom Firearms. A customized AR15 can make a whole lot of difference in your comfort in handling the rifle and accuracy in shooting.

Having an Englewood customized AR15 gives you better understanding of your rifle and makes you more confident in using it. We offer you many options for building an Englewood customized AR15.

These include customization of the following parts:

  • Sights and optics
  • Upper receiver
  • Lower receiver
  • AR15 accessories

Our experts will work closely with you to build an Englewood customized AR15 that is an exact match to your unique preferences, needs and budget. We look forward to hearing from you about your specific requirements for a customized AR15.

Call Colorado Custom Firearms for an Englewood customized AR15!

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Englewood Custom 9mm Pistol


Are you interested in an Englewood custom 9mm pistol? We can help. Caliber choice is one of the key decisions to be made for a customized pistol build. A 9mm is preferred by those who want ammo that is cheaper and less noisy than rifle calibers. The popularity of an Englewood custom 9mm pistol also comes from its easy handling and light recoil. A custom 9mm pistol makes an excellent weapon for home defense.

We can help you have an Englewood custom 9mm pistol that you love to own and use. Offering several customization options, we can work on the complete pistol, revolver frame only, top side only, pistol grip and more. You can also get an Englewood custom 9mm pistol with your pick of the type of brace. The options offered by us include:

  • Shock wave brace
  • PDW brace
  • SOB brace
  • SBA-3 brace

Call Colorado Custom Firearms for an Englewood custom 9mm pistol!

(720) 780-9171

Englewood Custom 10mm AR


Our capabilities include building an Englewood custom 10mm AR. Get in touch with us if you want to add the most popular rifle in America to your firearm collection with a custom 10mm AR. We have you covered.

An Englewood custom 10mm AR makes a very reliable option for personal defense. We offer a number of customization choices for the weapon. You can get an Englewood custom 10mm AR with a modified:

  • Barrel
  • Grip
  • Rails
  • Charging handle
  • AR Upper/Lower combo
  • Buffer tube

We also offer choices in Englewood custom 10mm AR finishes such as Burnt Bronze, Muddy Girl, Kryptek Yeti and Titanium.

Call Colorado Custom Firearms for an Englewood custom 10mm AR!

(720) 780-9171

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