Centennial Customized AR15


Waiting to get your very own customized AR15 near Centennial, CO? You can call Colorado Custom Firearms for customization services. Our service shop specializes in offering you a custom 9mm pistol as well as custom 10mm AR pistols. So, any time you are looking to add a personal touch to your gun, get in touch with our company near Centennial.

We are a certified service provider that will be able to offer you the best quality Centennial customized AR15. We will help you transform your pistol into something that reflects your personality. We will be able to modify the following in your Centennial customized AR15:

  • Pistol buttstock
  • AR Lower
  • AR Upper
  • Pistol handguard

Call Colorado Custom Firearms for a Centennial customized AR15!

(720) 780-9171

Centennial Custom 9mm Pistol


The reason we recommend you get your Centennial custom 9mm pistol from us is that we will be able to give you results that are aesthetically pleasing. In addition to this, the turnaround time for a customized AR15 at our shop is much quicker than others. This is one of the main reasons why many clients in the Centennial area choose us for their custom 10mm AR.

Also, we use only the best quality equipment available to work on your Centennial custom 9mm pistol. There will never be any damage made to the gun while we are working on your transformation project. We can work on every kind of Centennial custom 9mm pistol including:

  • 9mm pistol with laser
  • Glock 9 gun
  • Compact 9mm gun
  • 9mm with manual safety

Call Colorado Custom Firearms for a Centennial custom 9mm pistol!

(720) 780-9171

Centennial Custom 10mm AR


Whether you are a gun collector who is looking for a Centennial custom 10mm AR or planning to purchase one for the first time, we will make your dreams a reality. Our particular customized AR15 makes for a great option. The custom 9mm pistol that we offer to Centennial customers will even be lightweight and easy to carry.

For the factory like results that we offer for your Centennial custom 10mm AR, we charge a very nominal service rate. If you would like to get a customized gun for yourself, then we suggest you give us a call today to enquire about our prices. Along with getting a custom 9mm or Centennial custom 10mm AR pistol from us, you can contact us for:

  • Cerakote customization
  • AR upper receiver customization
  • Hydro-dipping pistols
  • AR lower receiver customization

Call Colorado Custom Firearms for a Centennial custom 10mm AR!

(720) 780-9171

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