Ft. Collins Custom Built AR15


Colorado Custom Firearms is the preferred destination for purchasing a custom built AR15 in Ft. Collins, CO. Our company has the expertise and resources for fulfilling all your custom built AR15 requirements. We ensure that you release a confident shot when you hold your Ft. Collins custom built AR15.

We pay attention to even the tiniest of details while working on an Ft. Collins custom built AR15. No matter how complex or straightforward your preferences may be, we will do our best to create the rifle that you desire. We also offer a variety of aesthetic finishes, and you can count on us for an Ft. Collins custom built AR15 that complements your personality perfectly.

We offer several patterns and finishes for a custom built AR15, including:

  • Metal finish for AR15
  • Wood grain finish for AR15
  • Camouflage patterns for AR15
  • Stone patterns for AR15

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Ft. Collins Custom AR15 Builds


We have been a long-serving custom firearm dealer in the vicinity, specializing in Ft. Collins custom AR15 builds. You can rely on us for the proper guidance to design and create your custom AR15 builds. We aim to complete the Ft. Collins custom AR15 builds in the best possible time frame.

Our clients can use our “Build Your Own Gun” interface to design their desirable Ft. Collins custom AR15 builds seamlessly. Many customers have considered trying out Ft. Collins custom AR15 builds for recreational shooting, emergency preparedness and even self-defense.

Our custom AR15 builds offer customization options for many components of the rifle, such as:

  • Lower receiver
  • Magazine catch
  • Bolt catch
  • Butt stock

Call Colorado Custom Firearms now for Ft. Collins custom AR15 builds!

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Ft. Collins Customized AR15s


We are a one-stop shop catering to different preferences and budgets for Ft. Collins customized AR15s. We understand that building a personalized rifle is a considerable investment and will ensure that our work meets all your expectations. We specialize in providing top-quality Ft. Collins customized AR15s at some of the most competitive rates.

You can expect a friendly response, excellent customer service and professional grade Ft. Collins customized AR15s made using the best components from us. We strive to ensure an optimal hunting and shooting experience for our patrons by offering a vast selection of features for Ft. Collins customized AR15s and other firearms.

We can help you with several upgrades for customized AR15s, including:

  • Enlarged trigger guards
  • Extended magazine release
  • Back-up sights
  • Handguards & rail systems

Call Colorado Custom Firearms now for Ft. Collins customized AR15s!

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