Lakewood Custom Assault Rifle


Have you been thinking of purchasing a custom assault rifle in Lakewood, CO, or the surrounding areas? Colorado Custom Firearms is a one-stop destination for all your custom firearm requirements.

Our dedicated firearm consultants can help you with the appropriate guidance for building a Lakewood custom assault rifle according to your purpose and likings.

With the “Build Your Own Gun” feature on our website, you can navigate through a series of steps, modifying each aspect of the rifle to create the picture-perfect Lakewood custom assault rifle. Our company can help you build a top-notch Lakewood custom assault rifle in the best possible timeframe at the most competitive rates.

We can address several inquiries for a custom assault rifle, including:

  • Customized rifles
  • Rifle customization near me
  • New custom AR
  • Custom AR cost

Call Colorado Custom Firearms now for a Lakewood custom assault rifle!

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Lakewood Customized Assault Rifles


We are the leading shop offering services for Lakewood customized assault rifles in the vicinity. We understand that building any customized rifle is a considerable investment and will ensure that our work meets all your expectations. We use advanced, ultra-modern technologies and methods to produce the Lakewood customized assault rifles.

We intend to deliver a best-in-class customer experience and professional-grade Lakewood customized assault rifles that will work brilliantly out in the field. Whether you are looking for Lakewood customized assault rifles for active users or to display in your collection, we are the go-to service provider for the job.

We can help you explore many kinds of customized assault rifles, such as:

  • Custom AR15
  • Custom M16
  • Custom G36
  • Custom AUG

Call Colorado Custom Firearms now for Lakewood customized assault rifles!

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Lakewood Custom Built AR


We have emerged as the preferred shop for a Lakewood custom built AR by consistently delivering remarkable services to countless clients over the years. We possess the knowledge, expertise and resources to produce a stunning Lakewood custom built AR per your distinctive preferences and needs.

The build quality for a Lakewood custom built AR is our top priority to ensure that the rifle functions as intended without causing you any operational troubles or safety hazards.

You can count on a reputable company like ours to spend adequate time with you to meticulously note all your ideas for your Lakewood custom built AR and furnish a top-quality output.

We can fulfill many requirements for a custom built AR, including:

  • Custom rifle for hunting
  • Custom rifle for fishing
  • Decorative custom AR
  • Antique custom AR

Call Colorado Custom Firearms now for a Lakewood custom built AR!

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