Aurora Custom Assault Rifle


Are you looking for a custom assault rifle in Aurora, CO? Come to Colorado Custom Firearms for tailor-made firearms that are suitable to be used in any weather or temperature setting. From color to caliber, you can customize your Aurora custom assault rifle as per your particular needs.

Rest assured your Aurora custom assault rifle will be lightweight and perfectly balanced.

When building your own Aurora custom assault rifle, go step-by-step and choose from our pre-made layouts that are state-of-the-art and trendy. You can even add long range shooting equipment to your firearm.

Choose from these and more options for a custom assault rifle:

  • Flat dark earth color
  • Hardness of custom rifle
  • Flat dark earth Glock
  • Gun supplies near me
  • Shooting supplies near me
  • Shooting range equipment

Build the Aurora custom assault rifle of your dreams. Get in touch with Colorado Custom Firearms today!

(720) 780-9171

Aurora Customized Assault Rifles


All of our Aurora customized assault rifles have pull-straight action that is ambidextrous and built for precision. As a world-leader in crafting Aurora customized assault rifles, we guarantee that your next order with us will be our absolute best.

We believe that your Aurora customized assault rifles should suit your personality. We can create the parts of your Aurora customized assault rifles with wood grain, metal, camouflage, carbon fiber and stone patterns.

Check out our online shop for customized assault rifles or call our experts to ask about:

  • Magpul flat dark earth
  • Long range shooting gear
  • Competition shooting gear
  • Precision rifle shooting equipment
  • Abrasion and wear of custom rife
  • Corrosion resistance of custom rife

Build Aurora customized assault rifles from scratch or choose from our custom builds.

Get in touch with Colorado Custom Firearms!

(720) 780-9171

Aurora Custom Built AR


Your Aurora custom built AR is painted with Cerakote high temp ceramic coating. Feel safer and more secure with your very own Aurora custom built AR. Are you planning to appear in a competition or any challenging situation?

For smooth reloading, safer recoil and easy tool-less disassembly options for your Aurora custom built AR, trust only our experts. We can design the Aurora custom built AR you have always dreamt of in a cost-efficient and budget-friendly process.

A custom built AR can be of several types such as:

  • 204 Ruger custom rifle
  • 223 Wilde custom rifle
  • 224 Valkyrie custom rifle
  • Stock of custom rifle
  • Color of custom rifle
  • Caliber of custom rifle

For an Aurora custom built AR that is light and built for might, come to Colorado Custom Firearms. Call now!

(720) 780-9171

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