AR Pistol Westminster


An AR pistol is a pistol length AR 15 without a stock. The barrel on the AR pistol is short and there is a buffer tube where the stock would typically be on a rifle. The AR pistol was made to get around certain restrictions in regards to a tax stamp. In a nutshell, the AR pistol allows those shooting in the Westminster, CO area to have the weight, size, and maneuverability of a short barrel rifle, without the NFA regulations.

For those in Westminster using an AR pistol, they know that the AR pistol is meant to be used like a typical handgun.

Some of the AR pistol selection you can find for the Westminster region includes:

  • 10 mm AR pistol
  • 300 AR pistol
  • .45 ACP AR pistol
  • 9 mm AR pistol

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AR Pistols Westminster


AR pistols are pistols and not rifles. AR pistols can have an assortment of accessories, but in the end they are still classified as a pistol. According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, AR pistols do not have a stock. This stock on AR pistols is replaced with a stabilizing brace. The barrel on AR pistols must be under 16 inches in length.

For those in Westminster wanting to customize their AR pistols, look no further than Colorado Custom Firearms. Westminster residents have an assortment of customization options for their AR pistols.

Some of the options that Westminster customers can customize for their AR pistols includes:

  • Finishing of AR pistol
  • Caliber for AR pistol
  • Length of the barrel
  • Optics for AR pistol

AR pistols are an excellent choice in defense for Westminster residents.

If you are in the Westminster area, call Colorado Custom Firearms today for AR pistols. (720) 780-9171

AR 15 Pistol Westminster


In recent years, one particular firearm has exploded in popularity throughout Westminster, and that would be the AR 15 pistol. Many have wondered what the hype is surrounding the popularity of the AR 15 pistol. The AR 15 pistol is not a fad just passing through Westminster. The AR 15 pistol is lightweight, portable, and versatile in every way that a Westminster resident would need in a situation between life or death.

Some of the reasons that Westminster residents can find out why they need an AR 15 pistol includes:

  • Easier to carry due to size
  • Legally is a pistol
  • AR platform customizable
  • Entire AR 15 pistol customizable

The AR 15 pistol is the perfect addition to any Westminster gun owner’s arsenal.

If you are in the Westminster area looking for an AR 15 pistol, check out Colorado Custom Firearms!

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