AR Pistol Lakewood


If you are looking to buy a firearm which is like a rifle but actually a pistol, then you must choose the AR pistol we offer Lakewood, CO. Based on the AR 15 rifle platform, the AR pistols have a shorter barrel and a buffer tube that does require the traditional stock as an attachment.

Get in touch with Colorado Custom Firearms for your requirement of an AR pistol near Lakewood. We are an established company and have been offering AR pistols and other firearms to Lakewood and the surrounding areas for a while now. Call us when you need to purchase any of the following AR pistol types near Lakewood:

  • 10 mm pistols
  • .45 ACP pistols
  • 300 pistols
  • 9 mm pistols

The best thing about buying the AR pistol from us near Lakewood is that we can customize the look as per your style and liking.

Call Colorado Custom Firearms for an AR pistol near Lakewood!

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AR Pistols Lakewood


The AR pistols that we offer Lakewood are ideal for home defense and hunting purposes. You can choose the ideal size that suits your requirement. you can even get the pistol customized as per your style.

Rely on us for any requirements of customized AR pistols near Lakewood. We are a specialist firearm dealer and offer several options of AR pistols. Get AR pistols near Lakewood customized for the following:

  • AR Optics
  • AR Caliber
  • Hydro dripping AR
  • Pistol barrel size

Trust us to customize the pistols as you desire. We can provide you the cost of the AR 15 pistol prior to customizing it.

Call Colorado Custom Firearms for AR pistols near the Lakewood region!

(720) 780-9171

AR 15 Pistol Lakewood


The AR 15 pistol is not new to the Lakewood residents as it has always been around. However, the new stabilizing brace that has been added to the pistol is what is renewing the interest.

Count on us when you require the best quality and customized AR 15 pistol throughout Lakewood. You can get the most suitable pistol for the defense of your family. Call us to customize the AR pistol you want near Lakewood in any of the following hydro dipping patterns:

  • Wood grain
  • Camouflage pistol
  • Stone pattern pistol
  • Carbon fiber pistol

The stabilizing brace worn by the user gives stability while using the pistol. You can find the best variants of an AR 15 pistol near Lakewood with us.

Call Colorado Custom Firearms for an AR 15 pistol near Lakewood!

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