AR Pistol Edgewood


If you are on the market for an AR pistol near the Edgewood, CO area, there is no need to look any further. Colorado Custom Firearms is here to cater to your needs. We specialize in customized AR pistols, offering you a gun that is built to your specifications.

There has been a growing preference for an AR pistol among Edgewood residents. This is a pistol-caliber firearm based on the AR 15 rifle platform, having a stabilizing brace instead of a rifle stock. Compact design, light weight, easy to get on target and range of calibers are some features that make the AR pistol popular throughout Edgewood and beyond.

We are proud to be the leading source for the AR pistol for the Edgewood area. Stop looking around and contact us today with all your questions or concerns, such as:

  • AR pistol pros and cons
  • AR pistol vs rifle
  • AR pistol accuracy
  • AR pistol reliability

Call Colorado Custom Firearms for an AR pistol near Edgewood!

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AR Pistols Edgewood


We have worked hard to become a trusted one-stop shop to meet all the needs for quality AR pistols throughout the Edgewood area. Firearm enthusiasts can visit our shop not only to buy an AR 15 pistol, but also to have their own built. We can make AR pistols for Edgewood residents as per their chosen caliber, color, pattern and finish.

Our objective in every case is to provide AR pistols that Edgewood customers love to own and can utilize for a long time to come. We offer Edgewood residents AR pistols from well-known manufacturers. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we offer in:

  • AR firearms
  • Pistol caliber ARs
  • AR semi automatic pistols
  • AR weapons

Call Colorado Custom Firearms for AR pistols near Edgewood!

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AR 15 Pistol Edgewood


Visit us soon to get an AR 15 pistol near the Edgewood area that is a rewarding investment. Whether you are interested in the addition of an AR 15 pistol to your Edgewood firearm collection or want to buy it to fortify home and family security, come to us.

Do not waste your precious time exploring other stores that have AR 15 pistols for sale near Edgewood. Head straight to us for the finest in AR 15 pistols throughout the Edgewood area. Our experts are eager to discuss with you about:

  • AR 15 pistols
  • Armalite AR 15 pistol
  • AR 15 semi-automatic
  • Custom Armalite AR 15

Call Colorado Custom Firearms for an AR 15 pistol near Edgewood!

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