AR Pistol Broomfield


At Colorado Custom Firearms, we believe that no two AR pistols are alike. We view each AR pistol given to us as a work of art. Residents of Broomfield, CO have options when it comes to how they want to build or customize their AR pistol. We offer services near Broomfield for the customization of your AR pistol like dipping or applying Cerakote.

We can individually dip parts of your AR pistol to apply a unique pattern of your choosing using a water transfer process. We mentioned that you also have the option of Cerakote ceramic application. This application can prevent your AR pistol from corrosion resistance, abrasion and wear, and impact the strength of the AR pistol.

Some of the options that Broomfield customers can have customized for their AR pistol include:

  • Finishing of AR pistol
  • Length of the barrel
  • Optics for AR pistol
  • Caliber for AR pistol

If you are looking to customize an AR pistol in the Broomfield area, call us at Colorado Custom Firearms.

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AR Pistols Broomfield


Many in Broomfield know that AR pistols are classified as an AR 15 without a buttstock and a barrel under 16 inches in length. AR pistols can be considered a good choice for a self-defense weapon in Broomfield because they are relatively light and maneuverable.

For the Broomfield area, we have the following AR pistols to select from:

  • 300 AAC Blackout AR pistols
  • 45 ACP AR pistols
  • 10mm AR pistols
  • 9mm AR pistols

With AR pistols, you will find that you get more power, longer reach, and higher capacity than with a standard handgun. These are all reasons why this firearm has increasingly become popular through Broomfield.

Colorado Custom Firearms has the AR pistols that you are looking for in the Broomfield area. Call us today!

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AR 15 Pistol Broomfield


In Broomfield and looking for the perfect addition to your arsenal? You should consider adding an AR 15 pistol to your Broomfield gun collection. The AR 15 pistol has recently become quite popular throughout Colorado.

Broomfield residents can know that some of the benefits of owning an AR 15 pistol include:

  • AR 15 pistol customizable
  • Easier to carry due to size
  • Legally is a pistol
  • AR platform customizable

If you ever find yourself in a life or death solution, you will be glad you have an AR 15 pistol for your defense. This gun is lightweight, portable, and versatile in every way.

Colorado Custom Firearms has the AR 15 pistol you need near Broomfield.

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