AR Pistol Arvada


Colorado Custom Firearms in Arvada, CO specializes in building your own AR pistol and providing Arvada customers options for customizing their AR pistol. For those unfamiliar with the AR pistol, they are AR15 rifle platforms that have a shorter barrel and a pistol buffer tube. This does not allow the AR pistol to have an attachment of a traditional stock.

We have a variety of options in Arvada that one can customize for their AR pistol, including:

  • Optics of AR pistol
  • Length of AR pistol
  • Caliber of AR pistol
  • Hydro dipping of AR pistol

We truly believe that your firearm is not your own until you customize it to match your personality. We offer dipping patterns for your AR pistol in wood grain, metal, camouflage, carbon fiber and stone patterns.

Colorado Custom Firearms has the AR pistol you are looking for in Arvada. Call today!

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AR Pistols Arvada


AR pistols are basically an AR 15 without the stock. AR pistols have had a rise in popularity throughout Arvada thanks to a device for AR pistols called the stabilizing brace. These braces for AR pistols look and can function like a stock, however they are intended to fit against or around the owner’s forearm. These braces provide stability for users of AR pistols during use.

We offer the following selection of AR pistols in Arvada:

  • 10 mm AR pistols
  • .45 ACP AR pistols
  • 300 AR pistols
  • 9 mm AR pistols

One great thing about Arvada is that you can visit our shop and buy or build your very own AR pistols. We would love for you to stop by and we can discuss the AR pistol you envision.

In Arvada and need to decide between our selection of AR pistols? Call or visit Colorado Custom Firearms and we can help you make the decision.

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AR 15 Pistol Arvada


Throughout the area of Arvada, there has been a surge of interest in the AR 15 pistol. The AR 15 pistol is not new, but their popularity has certainly increased. If you are intending to use an AR 15 pistol for home and family defense, there are many factors to consider.

Some of the benefits that Arvada customers can find in an AR 15 pistol, includes:

  • Easier to carry due to size
  • Legally is a pistol
  • AR platform customizable
  • Entire AR 15 pistol customizable

We would love to further discuss with you in Arvada on what makes the AR 15 pistol a must-have for your firearm collection.

If you are in Arvada and are looking for an AR 15 pistol, contact us at Colorado Custom Firearms.

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