9mm AR Pistol Westminster


If you are near Westminster, CO and are on the hunt for a 9mm AR pistol, Colorado Custom Firearms can get you started. The 9mm AR pistol is both a fascinating and controversial firearm. The lack of a stock and the short barrel of the 9mm AR pistol make the gun quite versatile in smaller, confined spaces. Westminster residents often prefer the 9mm AR pistol because the pistol caliber ammunition is often more affordable than rifle ammunition. The 9mm AR pistol is a popular option for those in Westminster needing self-defense.

We specialize in customization and making your firearm in Westminster stand out. A 9mm AR pistol can be customized on the following parts:

  • Buttstock
  • Handguard
  • AR Upper
  • AR Lower
  • Grip
  • Buffer Tube

Call Colorado Custom Firearms if you are located near Westminster and want to look at a 9mm AR pistol today.

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9mm AR15 Pistols Westminster


When you’re searching for 9mm AR 15 pistols, look no further than our shop near Westminster. We have been providing customers throughout the Westminster area with diverse options and superior quality for 9mm AR15 pistols. Whether you’re a weekend enthusiast, a hunter, or competitive shooter, let us customize or build your 9mm AR15 pistols.

If you are in Westminster and want to customize your 9mm AR15 pistols, consider customizing the following:

  • Complete Pistol
  • Top side only
  • Frame only
  • Pistol grip

We provide top quality parts and accessories, including those for 9mm AR15 pistols. We also provide complete custom builds. Come check us out near Westminster!

Westminster residents can call Colorado Custom Firearms to learn more about our selection of 9mm AR15 pistols.

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Custom 9mm AR Westminster


AR15 rifles make a great home defense weapon in Westminster. Carbines in 9mm may possibly be the best option because of the size and power versus the recoil. We have the options near Westminster when it comes to your custom 9mm AR. A custom 9mm AR has a high-capacity magazine.

We also offer the option of dipping parts of your custom 9mm AR to give it a unique look. You can check out our shop near Westminster to shop from our pre-made layouts of the custom 9mm AR.

Westminster customers can customize the following on their custom 9mm AR firearm:

  • Finishing of custom 9mm AR
  • Barrel length of custom 9mm AR
  • Optics for custom 9mm AR
  • Brace for custom 9mm AR

Contact Colorado Custom Firearms today if you are in Westminster and want to get started on your very own custom 9mm AR.

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