9mm AR Pistol Lakewood


If you are interested in owning a 9mm AR pistol near Lakewood, CO, but like to build one yourself as per your preference, then you must look for a company that offers a custom 9mm AR pistol. The 9mm AR pistol is the ideal weapon for home self defense and can be built using specific parts.

Get in touch with Colorado Custom Firearms for the best variety of 9mm AR pistol throughout the Lakewood region. We are an authorized firearms dealer and offer a selection of custom 9mm AR options to Lakewood residents as per their preference. Call us when you need to build your 9mm AR pistol near Lakewood using any of the following parts:

  • 9mm pistol buffer
  • 9mm AR pistol lower
  • 9mm AR upper
  • 9mm crush washer and flash hider
  • Pistol brace

We can provide you an estimate of the 9mm AR 15 pistol options we have for Lakewood, enabling you to make a choice as per your budget.

Call Colorado Custom Firearms to learn about our selection of a 9mm AR pistol near Lakewood!

(720) 780-9171

9mm AR 15 Pistols Lakewood


The 9mm AR 15 pistols are highly popular throughout Lakewood, owing to their design, style, light weight and the stabilizing brace that gives stability to the user. There are so many variants of 9mm AR 15 pistols already available. You also have the ability to customize it as well, making it difficult to choose the best 9mm AR pistol.

Rely on us for any requirements of 9mm AR 15 pistols for Lakewood. We have helped several individuals get their preferred firearm based on their budget and requirement and have customized the pistols as well to suit their needs. We can help you choose and customize the 9mm AR 15 pistols near Lakewood based on the following pistol parts:

  • Pistol buttstock
  • Pistol handguard
  • AR grip
  • AR buffer tube

Rely on us for providing the best quality parts and offering customization services throughout Lakewood.

Call Colorado Custom Firearms for 9mm AR 15 pistols for Lakewood!

(720) 780-9171

Custom 9mm AR Lakewood


When it comes to finding the best place for a custom 9mm AR near Lakewood, we have got your covered. Specializing in firearm customization, we can provide you the custom 9mm AR near Lakewood just the way you want it.

Count on us for your custom 9mm AR near Lakewood. You can get your 9mm AR customized in the following finishes:

  • Camouflage finish
  • Stone pattern
  • Metal finish
  • Carbon fiber finish
  • Wood grain finish

You can also get Cerakote coating for your custom 9mm AR, as it protects the pistol from abrasion and corrosion.

Call Colorado Custom Firearms for a custom 9mm AR near Lakewood!

(720) 780-9171

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